Exodus – Jesu/ Sun Kil Moon (2016)

Cal tenir el dia per escoltar-ho. De vegades, costa d’empassar la poesia i les maneres impostades de Mark Kozelek. Aquesta veu que arrossega com per passadissos encoixinats En aquest disc, junta esforços amb Justin Broadrick dels tremendistes anglesos Godflesh. Country, d’una banda, i experimentació industrial, de l’altra, en aquesta mena de giragonses que practiquen els amants del risc. Una altra cosa és que agradi, o plagui, o coli. A partir d’aquí, “Exodus”, una cançó de pares que perden fills, de nois que maten companys d’escola i de persones que veuen morir la gent que estima. El disc presenta col·laboracions de Will Oldham i de membres de Modest Mouse i Sonic Youth, pels qui els plagui l’anecdotari.

(Important: escoltar i seguir la lletra)

Showed up to Heathrow today
For the 2000th time
Got in my taxi and I learned Nick Cave’s son died
The news hit me like a bus into a hill
Cause once at the K-west hotel, I met him and his son, they were standing across the hall
I mentioned to him how we both played Hultsfred in 1997
I don’t believe in God, but sometimes I hope there’s Heaven
The bad news hurt to hear, and it hurts to repeat, it’s just sad news and I’m sorry to even speak it
I was on my way home from Perth this past March
Virgin airlines, row 23, and I watched ‘20,000 Days on Earth’ and it inspired me
I’m very much me
And Nick Cave is very much ‘He’
But we’re the same in that we’re both songwriters and we don’t stop moving- we’re like waves in the sea
I remember seeing ‘Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth’
He spoke about the passing of his daughter Exodus, and how he joined “The Bereaved Parents Group.”
He knew when he arrived at her bed
That he was not alone
Because the parents of the other children embraced him
And they cried in the hospital
And I remembered when Danielle Steel
Lost her son at only 19 years old to an overdose on heroin
And on his bedroom window
Still remains the sticker he put there of The Misfits
Every time I walk past her home on Washington St. I look up and I glance at it
For all bereaved parents- I send you my love
Parents survive their children
Its a pain very few know of
My cousin Carissa’s
My friends Chris’s, Brett’s, and Dennis’s
And my ex-girlfriend Katy’s mom and dad
All became apart of the family of bereaved parents
And when my father was young
He lost his older brother Lenny
His mom and dad joined the bereaved parents group
My dad looks down on the ground and gets quiet whenever I mention his name
When my little second cousin Carissa died
My mother called me, it had been so long since I’d heard that certain cry
Not since the day she divorced my father
But they’re friendly now so with that story I’d rather not bother. But I flew out there and we gathered in the living room
We all shared stories of a person of whom different amounts of depth we knew
The coffee table was filled with prescription drugs
Carissa’s puppy laid at my feet and I gave Carissa’s mom a hug
And she sat motionless as if there was no air
She was in a world of her own in that chair
She was the one who gave birth to Carissa and raised her- All we could do for her was be there
It’s been two years and I know that for her some days are better, but the loss of a child has to be the hardest thing to bare
The loss of a child is something no parent is prepared
The loss of a child is simply unfair
For all bereaved parents- I send you my love
And parents outlive their children is the cruelest cut
For all bereaved parents- I know that I don’t know, but the pain has to be the worst nightmare of (?)
For all bereaved parents- I send you my love
For all bereaved parents- I send you my love
For all bereaved parents- I send you my love
For all bereaved parents- I send you my love
For all bereaved parents- I send you my love
For all bereaved parents- I send you my love
For all bereaved parents- I send you my love
For all bereaved parents- I sent you my love
For all bereaved parents- I send you my love
For all bereaved parents- I send you my love

Ressenya del disc de la revista Pitchfork

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Sun Kil Moon – Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes

“Benji” és el sisè disc del artista nord-americà Mark Kozelek (1967) sota el nom de Sun Kil Moon. Editat el febrer d’enguany, col·laboren en el disc Steve Shelley, Will Oldham i Owen Ashworth.

Sun Kil Moon presenta “Benji” Dimecres 26 de març a la sala Apolo de Barcelona.

Richard Ramirez died today of natural causes
Got amped up on speed and broke into houses
Bunch of people of that wrote shit on the stand
His last murder was south of San Francisco
A guy named Peter Pan from the town
The little girl on the lawn was his first
And the took a dark palmer
His last days were at a hotel
a nice stalker
Door member we set just like the mars
In a key and a dark..
Cried today from Boston to’
Got a dozen families gotta do some digging
Boston relative and they see me all
Make a little long
I need a little more

Richard Ramirez died today of natural causes
These thing mark time and they cause pauses
Think about the kids scared to death on the window
What’s under the bed and what’s under the door
And the John’s massacre got in our heads
And the TV, I was president
And the around Oregon
While I’m there I’m gonna stroll through the old neighborhood
Rich Stan Mayer still lives with his mom
When he’s not in jail from innocent stalking
Writing bad checks and cocaine charges
More than that took you with a smile
We always sat on this porch passing the time
And drinking a beer and smoking a pack
Till one day poor ma caught a heart attack
The good jobs electrician
Sister of Mary the poor shark Jean Avery
My next door neighbors whom I love so
Love me too but they passed long ago
And if you walk just a few lock down stall
There’s a house as scary as all
A cute little palm with a sign for sale
Those Sexton kids hot as hell
And I’m telling the truth and if you don’t believe
Pick up the cofield stars and secrets
Had to fly from Cleveland but what’s that for?
Got 3 months off to my next show
Gonna spend time with my girl
Make a record fix my kitchen
I have my change so rapidly
They came to the studio to work on some grit
And I saw the news on James
While I was eating Ramen and drinking green tea
The supreme guy died at 51
That’s the same age as the guy
Who’s coming to play drums
So don’t lie your kids no disturb
Have to repeat 50 times a day is bad enough
Got a naked prostate and I got a bad back
When I fall too much
I feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack
This all the head blinds and they’re like crashing
And I met her at a barbeque
Santa Philly
And everybody’s drunk and feeling pretty well
Richard Ramirez died but in 83
He was very much alive he’s as scary as could be
And in the band he had pentagrams

And everybody remember the paranoia
When he stocked us up in Southern California
And everybody will remember where they were
When they finally found the stalker
And I remember just where I was
When Richard Ramirez died of natural cause

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